vision mission goal

DAV RB Kedia School will nurture the potential of each and every student and groom them to be concerned, well-adjusted and competent world citizens in a safe, peaceful, disciplined and intellectually challenging environment following the traditions and culture of our ancestors.

Students shall have ample opportunity to : Develop physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally, culturally and spiritually. Acquire a sense of curiosity, mental flexibility, reflection, self-discipline, industriousness, and independence. Maintain openness of mind, the dignity of conduct, and mutual respect in the face of racial, economic, cultural, religious, and linguistic diversity. Achieve the best possible academic success through proper guidance and support. Develop a confident understanding of their role in today’s rapidly changing world. Attain a global outlook in order to assume positions of responsibility.

As stewards of a great mission, to nurture our wards so that they may become strong and noble, we aim to: Build a sound foundation upon which they achieve their potential. Develop initiative and enthusiasm for work Provide emotional stability for children to learn with confidence Encourage children to explore, experiment and express themselves Stimulate thinking and learning through varied experiences Provide individual attention to all our students Nurture traditional values in children

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